White Space Base Station (SLB802ODU)

White Space Basestation

SLB802ODU is a White Space Base Station Platform for Rural Broadband application and operating in the unlicensed TV spectrum band (50 – 860 MHz). A White Space communications link is established between the base station and fixed customer premises equipment allowing the client side devices to connect to the internet. One base station can serve maximum of 512 client devices as far away as 20 km. The base station can be used for Rural Broadband deployment in Americas, UK, South Africa, Singapore and India.

  • IEEE 802.22 compliant based on Wi-FAR™ Specification
  • Frequency Range: 400 – 800 MHz (UHF)
  • Transmit power up to +36dBm EIRP
  • Bandwidth Support: 6/7/8 MHz
  • Data Speed: up to 30 Mbps (over 8 MHz Channel)
  • Superior Sensitivity and Interference Rejection
  • Supports TDD/FDD OFDMA
  • IETF PAWS compliant based on WSAConnect™ Specification
  • Topology Supported:
    • Point to Point for mobile carrier backhaul, middle mile applications
    • Point to Multipoint for fixed wireless broadband application
  • Low Latency for time critical applications
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Bundled Software: Linux OS, Layer 1 and 2 Network Firmware, RADIUS compatible Network Provisioning and Management
Indoor version also available
  • SMA Connector for interfacing to external antenna
  • POE interface for power and for carrying Ethernet data packets (Base Station)
  • Rural Broadband
  • Remote Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Smart City Resource Monitoring
  • Smart Grid
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