USB TV Dongle (SLM102UU)

USB TV Dongle (SLM102UU )

SLM102UU is a USB TV Dongle with Saankhya’s multi-standard demodulator chipset. It comes packaged with a reference linux/android/windows TV player for evaluation


  • Watch live High Definition programs in North America, Korea, Japan, South America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, China and SE Asia
  • Connects easily to PCs, Tablets and Smartphones
  • High Sensitivity (ability to tune to weak signals)
  • Meets local DTV standards as well as the stringent requirements of Tier-1 TV OEMs
  • Bundled with Windows/Linux/Android TV player software
  • Output Connector & Power: USB
  • Input RF Connector: 50 ohm F-Type Female (SMA)
Standard Bandwidth Modulation Data Rate
ATSC 6 MHz 8-VSB 19 Mbps
ISDBT 6 MHz OFDM 1-seg/13-seg 23 Mbps
DVB-T 8 MHz OFDM 30 Mbps
QAM/DVB-C 6/8 MHz 16/64/256 QAM 40 Mbps
Custom Program for Secure Communication
  • TV Dongle for business travelers
  • Long Range Video Communications (Drone)
  • Digital Signage, Trade Shows, Shopping complexes
  • Surveillance, remote monitoring and control
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