Media Distribution And Reception

Media Distribution And Reception

Audio/Video content that is generated in the field or stored in the tapes, must be distributed to multiple screens. The pipes (Terrestrial/Wireless, Cable, Satellite, IP) for distribution from the broadcast studio or head-end to the end user are controlled by the service providers. Video content aggregated at the studio must be transmitted securely over several kilometers to reach the end user. Inside large venues/restaurants/homes the owners would like to control the video distribution to the multiple viewing devices.

At these venues, video received from multiple sources (satellite, cable) must be packaged (Transcoded/trans-modulated) and delivered securely to the various devices either through cable or wirelessly (wifi). The distribution of content to the end user in both the above cases (indoor/outdoor) uses different encoding technologies and modulation standards.

The key requirements of this market are

  • Standards Compliance
  • Retain the Picture/Sound Quality of the source material
  • Audio/Video/Data communication over long distances
  • Do not compromise the security of the content
  • Ease of Installation (No new wires to install; or works over existing coax)
  • Scalability (network that scales with more content)
  • System Cost (works with existing devices, low BOM, IP licensing fee, etc.)
  • Low power consumption
  • Small footprint (aesthetics, light weight, etc.)



Saankhya Labs has delivered complete AV Distribution solutions for the worldwide market using the SDR chipsets (SL900x, SL100x). Saankhya’s HD Transmitter modules (SLM901UU, SLM904UU) modulate transport streams received from PCIe or USB interface to the selected standard (ATSC/QAM, DVBT/C, ISDBT/C), up-convert and send it over Terrestrial/Cable networks.



On the receiving side, HD receivers (dongle or Tablet module form factor; SLM102UU) can tune to the desired channel, demodulate it and send the Transport stream to the decoder for decode & display on the screen.

The Single/Quad channel modulators and USB/Tablet TV receivers have been deployed in a number of applications

  • Digital Signage

  • TV Transmitter Stations

  • Hospitality

  • Remote Monitoring

  • AV Test Equipment

  • UAV/Drone Video Communication

  • USB TV Dongles

  • Tablet TV

To discuss about your distribution requirements or for evaluation modules, please contact info[at]saankhyalabs[dot]com