Saankhya Labs, the industry leader in software defined radios (SDR), is the leading supplier of cost effective Cognitive SDR Chipsets and White Space Network Products to connect the next 2-3 billion (O3B) people to the internet. Cognitive SDR enables intelligent user environment sensing and re-programming the modulation standards based on user requirements for minimum interference while using the available spectrum and bandwidth. Saankhya Labs SDR Chipsets/Modules have been adopted and installed by Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) in the United States, Singapore, India and Philippines and have achieved demonstrated broadband speeds of 10 Mbps over distance exceeding 10 km without line of sight requirements. Customers are also using the SDR chipsets in emerging markets of LEO Satellite Communications and for building the wireless networks for critical infrastructure.

Founded in 2007, the company has over fifty (50) data communications systems, software and hardware experts. Company has been granted 17 patents to date.

White Space Communications

Last mile connectivity is a challenge in remote areas since few hundreds of households are spread over a large area. Operators find it a challenge to serve these households because of challenging terrains, lack of backhaul, high entry costs and poor ROIs.

White Space Channels, which are unused bands in the TV Spectrum released by Analog TV broadcasters has been adopted by IEEE 802.22/802.11af standards to bring broadband to rural areas. This spectrum is preferred over WiFi as it has better propagation characteristics (long distance, indoor/outdoor and in all weather conditions), is less crowded and works non-line of sight for over 10 km. One White Space base station covers twice the footprint of 800 MHz LTE eNode and 20 times footprint of a single 2.6GHz eNode. As a result of the low capex/spectrum fee and high reliability, wireless internet service providers (WISP) have adopted white Space as the best solution for last mile connectivity.

Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where the components typically implemented as fixed function hardware (mixers, filters, modulators, demodulators) are implemented in software running on a general purpose CPU or Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Software radios have significant utility for the military which must serve a wide variety of changing radio protocols in real time. SDR is now popular in the consumer space because of spectrum crunch and the need for devices to continuously poll the spectrum band or query a database and re-program their radio algorithm and parameters to match the available channel.

Saankhya chipset based on SDR technology provide a powerful reusable, “future proof” platform that can be programmed to support multiple radio protocols at the price of dedicated ASIC.